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Anil Printers Ltd is one of the pioneers in manufacturing Paper and PVC based Scratch cards for Cellular & Internet Services. We also manufacture quality Continuous Computer Stationery, Pre-paid Cards, Railway Tickets, MICR Cheques, ATM PIN Mailers, Deposit Envelopes, Deposit Slips, ATM Rolls, India Telephone Cards (VCC), Airlines Tickets, Boarding Pass, and Cargo Manifesto in carbonless paper. Anil Printers Ltd. (earlier known as Anil Printers Pvt. Ltd.) was incorporated in 1983 to manufacture read more


Cellular Pre-paid Cards (PVC & Paper)

ATM Rolls

Our New Innovative Product

Internet Pre-paid Cards

Railway Tickets

India Telephone Cards

Airline Products

ATM Pin Mailers

ATM Deposit Slips

MICR Cheques

Demand Drafts

All types of Continuous Computer Stationery

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